Renovation of a fantastic country house

The project consisted on the integral renovation and expansion of a Fantastic Country house with traditional Catalan style and Provençal atmosphere. Located in Pla De l’Estany, the house is surrounded by nature and amazing views.
The edification only kept the original walls, a wooden oven and a water cistern for the collection of river water. The client wanted a rustic house but with all the functionality of a modern one. In this sense, the works consisted on: the consolidation of facades and new stone walls made of ecological lime and the construction of a wooden roof with cork insulation. The composite structure sits on top of wooden beams and a concrete base with wooden connectors. The entire house has been insulated with cork and the stones used for repairing the whole edification (including windows, doors and balconies) provide from the original edification. A chimney has been installed with heat input to four different spaces. The rehabilitation project has allowed an increase of the natural lightening, the number of open areas and the coziness of the interior of the house.

  • Location: Palol de Revardit – Girona
  • Year: 2013

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