VILAWATT project of Viladecans

VILAWATT of Viladecans is a European project that is part of the UIA (Urban Innovative Actions) program of the European Regional Development Fund (EDRF) of the European Commission. This program aims to promote initiatives that propose innovative solutions for the main urban challenges, for the improvement of European cities.
The Viladecans project focuses on the energy transition and also encompasses social justice objectives, fighting against energy poverty from within the energy system itself. The Vilawatt seeks to build an Integral Energy Operator formed by citizens, businesses and the City Council of Viladecans, which allows to achieve an efficient management of energy, promote the energy rehabilitation of buildings and strengthen the local economy, with the start-up of a currency linked to energy saving: the Vilawatt. To begin the process, demonstrative rehabilitations will be carried out in 60 homes selected through an open participatory process.
Cercle Gespromat, SL participates in the Vilawatt Project as a leading partner in the management and coordination tasks for the implementation of the measures of the first rehabilitations, and collaborates with the rest of the partners in the creation of the energy operator.
Partners of the project: the City Council of Viladecans and the municipal companies leading the project, the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, which will take an important role in the definition and implementation of the local energy operator, and the Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN), which will help define the contracting model of the new energy operator.
Private companies specializing in energy efficiency also participate, such as the UBIQUAT Technologies company, which will co-design the local energy currency; the local energy consultancy EGM that will be responsible for the study and analysis of data to create an energy information system; the LIMA association, an entity that promotes sustainable construction and will contribute with its experience in constructive design of low environmental impact and CICLÍCA Architecture that will provide integrated solutions in the field of architecture, sustainability and participation.
  • Location: Viladecans
  • Budget: 5.337.328,50 € (European Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 4.200.000€)
  • Year: 2017

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