SHERPA project (Shared knowledge for Energy Renovation in buildings by Public Administrations)

  • 2016-2019
  • Budget 3.6M€

SHERPA’s main objective is to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings in the Mediterranean area, in compliance with the objectives set by Directive 2018/844 EU.

The project has developed a transnational and participatory holistic model based on the four key elements in building energy renovation (REE) strategies: governance, information, awareness and training, and financing.

The project, submitted to the first 2014-2020 call for modular projects, within priority axis 2 of the Mediterranean Cooperation Program MED, has a total budget of 3.6 million euros and is led by the Department of Territory and Sustainability (DTES ) of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

One of the main results of the project was the development of a specific methodology “SHERPA methodology” for the identification and selection of buildings and EE measures. The elaboration of 100 energy rehabilitation projects for buildings and the training of more than 164 civil servants. responsible for building management.

CERCLE GESPROMAT participated in the project as an expert with Generalitat de Catalunya developing the following tasks:

  • Coordination of the project governance working group (GT1) led by the Generalitat de Catalunya, definition and monitoring of project milestones.
  • Definition of the specific methodology of the SHERPA project for the identification of projects and selection of energy efficiency measures as well as coordination with the agents involved in the entire process.
  • Drafting of the roadmap for the implementation of the projects identified in the Region of Catalonia.


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